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Cosnetix FAQs

Your Questions, Answered

Cosnetix harnesses the power of genomics, merging genotyping data with your physical skin profile, to offer product suggestions tailored to your unique skin needs.

We collect your genotyping data and, using genome-wide association studies, identify SNPs associated with adverse ingredient reactions. This information guides our tailored skincare advice.

You can upload your genotyping data through our user-friendly interface.

The questionnaire creates your physical skin profile. Combined with genotypic data, it offers a holistic view of your skincare needs.

We use a machine learning algorithm that analyzes your combined genotypic and physical skin data. It matches you with products from our database that align with your skin needs while avoiding potential irritants.

We believe in continuous evolution. Your feedback, combined with ongoing genome-wide association
studies, helps refine our algorithm, ensuring recommendations remain accurate and truly personalized.

Cosnetix is where science meets skincare, emphasizing individuality and promoting a tailored approach to achieving radiant, healthy skin. For more information, check out our about us page!

No, once you upload your genotyping data, it remains in our system for future use.

Absolutely. We prioritize your data’s security and confidentiality, ensuring it’s only used for your skincare recommendations. For more information, check out our data security page!

Regularly. We consistently incorporate feedback from our users and insights from ongoing research to keep our database updated and relevant.