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Your Genetics,
Your Perfect Skincare Match

how our process works

Discover how Cosnetix tailors your routine to your unique genetic makeup in three simple steps:


submit dna

Submit your DNA data from reputable sources like 23andMe or Ancestry.


analyze dna

Our algorithm analyzes various factors associated with skin types, customized for you.


Receive Your Recommendations

Explore a list of recommended skincare products tailored to your genetic information.

Real Stories from Cosnetix Users

Your genetic blueprint holds the key to your self-care routine


Cosnetix pioneers personalized skincare, combining AI with genetic insights to match you with products that complement your unique DNA profile. Our technology translates your genetic data into a tailored skincare regimen, featuring products from trusted brands known for their efficacy and safety. With Cosnetix, you’re not just choosing skincare products; you’re choosing a science-backed path to your best skin.

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